Nest Sri lanka

Hon. Patron:

Dr. Diyanath Samarasinghe

Co. Founders:

Mrs. Kamini de Soysa and Mrs. Sally Hulugalle

Hon. Vice Patrons:

  • Mr. Carlo Palmer
  • Mrs. Gun Pieris
  • Mr. Vijith Jayasekara
  • Mr. Kåre Lotsberg
  • Professor Jeanne Maracek
  • Mrs. Liv Hatland
  • Mr. David Linsey
  • Dr. Robert Van Voren
  • Mrs. Christiane Haerlin
  • Mrs. Anne Marit Hovstad
  • Mr. Brian Kenihan
  • Miss Roshan Dharmapala
  • Dr. Knightly Senevirathne
  • Mrs. Minu Hulugalle Mendis
  • Dr. Herwig W. Lange
  • Mr. Arnd Schwendy
  • Mr. and Mrs. Herman and Marianne Bade
  • Mr. Darshan Weerasinghe
  • Mr. Michael Thwaites
  • Mr. Ashoka Sanjeewa Withanarachchi
  • Mrs. Sarah Dickenson
  • Mr. Dominic Sansoni
  • Ms. Ai Kawamura
  • Dr. Arthur Paynter
  • Dr. M. Ganeshan
  • Ms. Susannah van Langenberg
  • Professor Shehan Williams
  • Mrs. Pooja Jeewatram
  • Mrs. Sheila Codipilly
  • Mrs. Nela Sittampalam
  • Dr. Priyani Rathnayake
  • Dr. M. Rajasuriya
  • Dr. Rohan Weerakoon
  • Mr. George Scott
  • Dr. Jayan Mendis
  • Mr. Arjuna Hulugalle
  • Ms. Yvette Ferdinands
  • Mrs. Srima Senevirathne
  • Dr. Locana Gunaratne
  • Dr. Ajantha Liyanage
  • Dr. Roshan Hulugalle
  • Ms. Achini Weerasinghe
  • Mrs. Ushas William
  • Mr. Shan Fernando
  • Mr. Jeevan William
  • Mrs. Priya Wurm
  • Mrs. Rhenu Kenihan
  • Ms. Breige McGill
  • Mr. Sanjiv Hulugalle
  • Mrs. Alice Acatrinei Hulugalle
  • Mr. David Zarmalwal
  • Hon. Professor Suman Fernando
  • Mrs. Anne Martin
  • Dr. Gameela Samarasinghe
  • Mrs. Dinesha Raymond
  • Mrs. Sherene Ferdinands
  • Ms. Preshanthi Navaratnam
  • Mrs. Charmion Palmer
  • Mrs. Tamzyn Miyazaki
  • Mr. Michael Oddy MA, MSc, PhD, FBPsS
  • Dr. Angelo de Alwis
  • Mrs. Shanthi Casie Chetty
  • Mrs. Nela Sittampalam
  • Miss Catherine G. Hulugalle
  • Dr. Harini Amarasuriya

Hon. Consultant – Finance:

Mr. Sunimal Fernando (F.C.A.)

Hon. Board of Directors:

  • Mr. Duleep Fernando – Chairman
  • Mrs. Nelun Guruge
  • Dr. H. Jayawardena
  • Mrs. Sally Hulugalle
  • Mrs. Jameeleh Pilapitiya
  • Mrs. Ayesha Hulugalle Weerasinghe


Mr. S.G. Senaratna, Attorney at Law, Simonas Ltd.

Dr. Diyanath Samarasinghe – Psychiatrist – Honorary Patron and Director of Nest Training

“Nest has functioned actively and for long enough to contribute as a valued member of any strong worldwide group which has the good of the public at its heart. The particular interest of Nest is in promoting well being especially among those who are marginalized for reasons such as being considered mentally ill. It also stands up uncompromisingly for the rights of people who are victimized because they are powerless – and, this includes women and children and other segments of the population that are considered weak and open to easy abuse or exploitation.”

Articles by Dr. Diyanath Samarasinghe