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Your purchases of our products are donations to Nest.

Books by Dr. Diyanath Samarasinghe

nest publications

  • “Responsibility Matters” (revised edition 2015) – Rs. 400.00
  • “Matters of Life and Death – Four Essays” (revised edition 2011) – Rs. 300.00
  • “Oh, go on – have one more” Three Essays. (revised version 2017) – Rs. 600.00
  • “If Only……” – Rs. 400.00 (published 2017)
  • Getting to better- Rs. 400.00 (Published 2019)

Sales of the books are donated to Nest by kindness of Dr. Diyanath Samarasinghe, the author. The books are available at Barefoot Bookshop.

Cards and Decorations by Tall Tales

Greetings from Sri Lanka, we have a story to tell …

Beautifully illustrated greetings cards by designer, Sally Hulugalle,unveil enchanting tales of tropical paradise.

Tall Tales Sri Lanka is a Colombo based design label which was founded in 2014 by two sisters who had a desire to walk alongside their mother, Sally, and champion her organization, Nest, which began in 1987. Net proceeds from the sales of Tall Tales support the work of mental health & development in Sri Lanka.

For the full range, please visit Barefoot outlets or get in touch via email

For more information on Tall Tales Sri Lanka please visit or contact us on
+94 (0) 76608 0948.

Short, 20 minute Films

A.”My Friend Lives”.
B.”My Child Lives”
C.”My Community Lives”
Directed by Steve de Zilwa, Funded by the Elton John AIDS Foundation.


A. “Stirring Change” – the challenge of Nest incorporating “When West meets East” (making Psychology to measure in Sri Lanka).
B. “The story of Rip van Winkle and Nest” – Both A. and B. authored by Professor Jeanne Maracek.
C. “Training Manual for Community Health Workers” – in Tamil, Sinhala and English – by Dr. Harini Amarasuriya and Mrs. Sally Hulugalle
D. “Guardians of Childhood” – by Dr. Harini Amarasuriya.