Nest Community Based Mental Health Sri Lanka

A non-profit charity organization

Mrs. Sally Hulugalle and Mrs. Kamini de Soysa started Nest in October 1984 because of what they came across at Unit 2 in Mulleriyawa and immediately formed the island wide campaign "The Forgotten Women". This was to make life more comfortable for the 1500 women in Unit 2 (long term Psychiatric Care for women only). The women were incarcerated for life, and subject to enormous suffering. Its name has changed to Halfway Home, Mulleriyawa, and Nest has continued to nurture and help the women to acquire skills to use in the Halfway Home, at home and in the Community. The total number of women today is around 300. Nest has evolved and works to strengthen families and individuals island wide. The Community Health Workers train Communities to cope when a crisis occurs so that their kith and kin may remain in their own home and not be abandoned to Institutionalization. Training of Community Health Workers began in 1990. In 2004 Nest signed an MOU with the Ministry of Health to run a Skills Development Centre at the Half Way Home (once called Unit 2).

Aims and Objectives of Nest

  • To promote happiness (in families, individuals and the environment).
  • To lift the yoke of labelling, institutionalization and stigmatization.
  • To promote understanding in the areas of Mental Health and Well being.
  • To promote Justice and Freedom.
  • To help women, children, families and individuals to cope within their communities.
  • To encourage development in public services and the environment.
What we do

What we do

Nest conducts programs to strengthen and support the Community.
Where we are located

Where we are located

The programs are organized by Nest Community Health Workers, they work from 4 centers ( Colombo, Gampaha, Anuradhapura and Kandy district). It has an office in Colombo called The Niche and the Gladys School of Community Health Work and Development is in Palliyawatte, Gampaha district.
Join us and help

Join us and help

Your donations support our Community work and every donation, be it cash or kind, receives an official Nest receipt and a letter from a Board Director.
"Nest has functioned actively and for long enough to contribute as a valued member of any strong worldwide group which has the good of the public at its heart"
- Dr. Diyanath Samarasinghe


  • Nest is Registered as an Independent, Community Based, local, Mental Health Organization.
  • Nest is registered with the Ministry of Social Services since 1987.
  • Nest is an ‘Approved Charity’ by Act of Parliament since 1987.
  • Nest is a ‘Non-Profit’ making Company since 1987.

Interested about our work ?

Nest warmly welcomes you to join the Mission of empowering women and children. Send us your thoughts.